The Element

A few interesting things have happened to me recently that have taken me in a direction that I had not planned on going.
First I was given a book called The Element by Ken Robinson, you should read it! (

It describes how The Element is where your natural ability and your passion meet to give you the true meaning of your life.
You want to be creative, learn and work at the thing that interests and excites you. As a professional musician this really stuck a chord,(sorry), this has been exactly my experience since I started to learn to play the drums age 11.
I wasn’t looking for my element I have had it for years.

The next thing that happened was I had an urge to go to my kids school PTA meeting for the first time. While I had helped at the school before providing some extra music education and experiences for them this was new.
A year on I now find myself the chairperson and have seen a new head teacher take over the school.
We are lucky that our local village primary school is fantastic and improving all the time.

However the more I get involved the more I see parallels with my life as a musician. While the basic truth of being a musician or having the opportunity to educate children is an amazing experience the framework in which you have to operate in both scenarios really hinders the true sense of opportunity and creativity.

While I have no desire to fight against the system and change the structure of how schools teach even if I do disagree which all the testing and restainsts. I do believe that there is a way of creating a new creative, cross circular, life enhancing experience for children that can happen now.

Surely in the situation we find our world in today this has to be worth a try.

The big question for me having been inspired to create a blog, start an app business and do something new is Have I Found A New Element after all this time?


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