Creativity and the system

Should schools be more creative and if so how will this happen?

As a person who plays an instrument for a living yes I believe they should. I was lucky my time at school coincided with 2 music teachers who were excited about music and musicians themselves. The county of Avon as it then was had fantastic musical opportunities for me beyond the school gates. I was involved in local music centres, county ensembles and got to tour around the UK and USA twice.

Times are different now and so are the opportunities. For years my music education company has visited schools providing workshops which we hoped would inspire the children but also support the staff. My experience was all to often the staff saw an opportunity to do something more important like marking or planning! Planning for what? We can do here and now. Come on get involved and let us help you.

Even when a creative opportunity is presented there is often something more pressing to be doing!

Can this change? Is any government going to put a new system in place to make the arts the more pressing thing to do? Unlikely anytime soon.

The great news is that the children always love what we do. The atmosphere is positive and so is the peer pressure to any children trying to be disruptive.

I have realised that the problem is me. My frustration at the system is wasted energy. Besides the system is not important our children’s education is.

So the answer has been staring me in the face all this time. If we have the children’s interest despite the system then let them be creative and the system will follow.
If the printing press changed our history and gave the power of knowledge to the individual then in our new technological age maybe the iPad or smartphone can free our children from learning not just ‘what they have too’ and include what they want to learn as well.

How do we do this? Let’s find out…………….


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