Blogging on the move

So here goes, mobile blogging from an iPhone.

The world of work is changing. No longer 9-5 but often a few minutes here and there while waiting in a queue, sat on a train or at a cafe. In lots of ways this saves time. All those jobs that take ages when you ‘go to work’ are already done. Much more productive?

Yes I think so but you have to be strong enough to ‘not be at work too!’
Yes I could do x now but I am having time off.

Should education be the same? Some of the most interesting ‘work’ I see our children do is not in school or during homework time. Why can’t this be recorded and used? We have the technology.

Our education system works on schooling but what children need is the correct environment or platform to learn.

It is nearly half term and our children are tired. There is talk of holiday projects from teachers. Surely the important word there is holiday!

I have been here before. If the project does appear it will be met with large amounts of ‘do I have to’ ‘can I do it later’ ‘it’s so unfair’. It is a real drag for all concerned.

If however I recorded all the educational material that the children will do naturally in their day to day lives during this period I am sure it will more than eclipse ‘the project’.

So are we interested in our children learning or is it about schooling.

Is the project important? If it is not done what would the school position be?

If the project is not done but we record the holiday period what then?

No sir I don’t have my project but look here I am singing, playing games involving maths,English and art. Here I am in a forest being involved in nature and on my bike. Now I am swimming, playing badminton and creating my Lego village from these instructions.
Here is the e-postcard I designed for my grandparents while using an iPad. But the best bit was I read the final Harry Potter, it was so good I just couldn’t put it down.

Sorry I have not done my project sir I was too busy LEARNING while recharging my batteries and relaxing with my family and friends!


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