What is it that makes us keep our same habits. When things are going well why would you change? When things are going less well we like familiarity and comfort. This is true on many levels.

I believe the important element often overlooked is the environment around us and the atmosphere this creates.
Why wait until a crisis to do something new.

At a time when the world faces change on a global scale we need people to feel that anything is possible.

This doesn’t start by suddenly saying we need another source of fuel. It starts by telling our children that their dreams and ideas can come true. We don’t say now you can walk you must stay in the garden. We say now you have the ability to walk why not travel the world. Now you can sing baa baa black sheep, sing an opera or compose your own song.

We should be educating our children to dream and be creative. This just means making your dreams happen.
The education system should be there to give our children experiences of all kinds and the tools to make their passion come true.

This week I have been playing timpani with the English National Ballet. Every performance I see children looking into orchestra pit with wonder. I see them staring at the stage with magical smiles on their faces at the designs, costumes and amazing dancers. So many of them with dreams of emulating what they have witnessed from this experience. Their passion ignited.

Why not? That child was once me and my dream came true.

So whether your dream is to walk further than your garden gate and see what’s there or travel to all the planets in the universe just remember to create your own world. Make the environment and atmosphere a creative and happy one and invite everyone to come along.

This is my vision of education and I am creating a new way of making it possible.

The Creative Caterpillar. A basic concept that encourages dreams and ideas, develop them into projects and then turn them into fully formed creative reality just as spectacular as a butterfly.


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