C is for ………………

A few members of my family are taking part in ‘Race for life’ in June ’13.
They are doing it to raise money for cancer research in memory of my mum.

With any money raised going to help those touched by this illness it is such a worth while endeavour. I was extremely grateful for all the support I received both directly from the NHS and for the simple things like chairs and sofas, supplied by charities to sleep on while staying at the hospital.

My first thought was maybe I should be doing something like this too. But there is no should and actually I don’t want to.

I wrote and delivered the address at my mums funeral. I said the greatest gift we could give her was to be ourselves.

I wholeheartedly support what my family are doing. But I have spoken to a few cancer charities in recent months and I have not come across anyone spending time trying to educate people about the most important thing of all, prevention. Yes they support healthy eating and exercise etc which are very important. But I and many people believe that fear and resentment in your life are much more threatening issues. I understand this is a much harder study to do but attitude and inner understanding will affect you much more than eating chocolate!
In fact the hard time you give yourself for eating it is much worse for you than the chocolate itself.

Living your life in a certain way because it is what you think you should do or just taking up the slack of others just because ‘someone has to do it’ is nonsense.
Like a tank of fuel if you don’t fill yourself up then you will run out of energy and have nothing to give to your own detriment. The only person that you have any control over is yourself. From there the world is your oyster and you have everything you need.

Illness often is said to run in families. While many assume it is genetic others believe it is more about the learnt habits from those around us. This is often unconscious which makes it hard to realise.
Anyone interested in this should read Dying To Be Me by Anita Moorjani.

Recently Chris Evans, Gary Barlow, Professor Brian Cox and James May drove from Lands End to John O’Groats in a Pink Rolls Royce in aid of Breast Cancer Care.
What a great idea and lots of fun too. I wonder though if you could measure the amount of joy these people bring to millions people from just doing what they love, what positive affect this has on the nation?
For example the millions of listeners to the radio 2 breakfast show who start their day in such a positive mood because of Chris Evans’ natural enthusiasm for life that filters through the airwaves. I suspect it will supersede any amount of good that the money will provide.

So yes I support and look forward to helping my family raise money to help those affected by cancer. Many people will be very grateful as I was.

My ‘what should I being doing’ resulted in writing this. If nothing else it reaffirms my sense of me.
It was accompanied by my favourite breakfast in my favourite cafe. I have remembered some of my favourite moments but most importantly supported myself to live well and have a great day today. This in turn will become the great days I will have in the future and as I experience all of this I know that I have all I need.

I may not have raised any money and nobody may read this but it has made me think. In turn this has set me up for the day in a positive, reflective and thankful mood. It will have a direct impact on those around me which will have a positive affect on them.

My final thought is that I have had this vision in my life always. My dad lives his life like this in the most natural way.
When needed he has more to give in a selfless manner than anyone I know.


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