Trust me I know what I’m doing

‘Trust me I know what I’m doing’ is a phrase I saw on a wooden sign.
I bought it and we have hung it up in our daughters bedroom.

It is a great reminder of the importance of listening to our children. Every parent does this when their child is small. When a child cries you listen and feed them, change them or put them down for a sleep. At which point do we stop listening and decide we know best despite what they tell us.
I suspect it is when we try or need them to fit into our lives or more generally into society.
It happens at all ages. Why is it boys can’t sit still in school? Mainly because they don’t want too and they need to be more active on a daily basis. We constantly hear that kids spend more and more time playing computer games or watching tv yet during times when they want to be active we tell them to sit in a classroom all day.

The idea of natural balance in life has disappeared. In a recent school holiday my 5 year old was sent home with homework. Having worked very hard all term and received glowing remarks from her teacher surely it was the holiday that was important not more school work. That was what I was hearing from my daughter, not just directly, but from her energy levels and demeanour.

I think today the hardest job as a parent is to allow our children to be themselves and follow what they feel is best for them while still having to function in the constraints of modern society.

My daughter has a very strong will and the ‘trust me I know what I’m doing’ is what she tells me so often in so many ways.
I don’t have all the answers but listening is a very good start!


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