Smart parents?

I have previously written about my daughter and yet again she has set me a challenge.

Learning to swim is something we believe to be an important life skill. My daughter loves going to the pool, she does not like lessons!
It is always a challenge to get any enthusiasm on a Thursday for the post school swimming lessons. I don’t know if it is just because she doesn’t like it, or she is tired from the school day or another factor.

This week she had a complete meltdown about it. End of term yes, pushing boundaries about controlling her environment maybe yes too. However her answer to all my questions and thoughts were “I can swim”.
I pointed out that if she jumped into the deep end unaided she was not yet strong enough to swim to the side. We enjoy going to water parks and she enjoys this and wants to do all the rides that require strong swimmers. Her answer again “I can swim”.

I am reluctant to say otherwise because as a musician I tell any student you are a musician from the moment you start playing, all you do is improve. She can swim, just not as well as I think is important.

I have suggested we change the session times, maybe do an intensive course rather than weekly. My point to her is I only wish for her to enjoy her time in the water and be able be swim to safety if required.
But I guess all this is relative. If I fell into the sea or lake I am not sure I could survive for very long! Yes I would be ok in a pool but in a fast moving river?
So should I have more lessons or swim more regularly?

My daughters answer was we could just go swimming together. I said I didn’t know how to teach the strokes as well as a qualified teacher. She said it’s easy all they say is keep your arms straight.

It is an interesting situation because we are trying to listen to our kids. We live our lives by doing what feels good to us and cutting out anything that is not enjoyable or feels like a struggle. So if swimming lessons are a real struggle for my daughter should it change?.
But where is the line between children just learning that if they protest enough they will get away with anything (heading towards being spoilt) and being the parent – doing what is best for your children even if they don’t think so?

There are many situations in life like this and it keeps prodding me hard!


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