12 Days of Christmas

Tomorrow I am starting my 12 days of Christmas gratitude list.

It may seem an odd time but one year ago we all assembled in hospital as Doctors told us that my mum had just hours to live. For the next 12 days we watched, waited but mostly travelled an incredible journey which will never leave us.

During this autumn I attended a writers workshop weekend where I met an amazing author called Dr Robert Holden (robertholden.org) who signed a copy of his book Happiness Now. It read ‘follow your joy’. I didn’t really understand fully what this meant until I started reading but part of his course, that the book is based on, explains the benefits of creating a gratitude list so you can fully appreciate all that your life is.

It is a wonderful idea and while I consider myself to be already happy I am delightful to know I can be ‘more so’ and am willing to receive all the good that is out there!

I do not want this time of year to be about the past but more the present and future. It will always be a time for reflection, but with a full heart it can also envelope all those around us with love and joy now.

I welcome life and all it has to offer.


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