Secret Millionaire

Following a couple of months of theatre work I am back working from home on my new project.

During this week I came across a Channel 4 program called Secret Millionaire USA. The premise of the show is that millionaire benefactors say goodbye to their luxury lifestyles and go undercover in deprived areas to find out who needs their help.

I have watched this before, both the USA and UK versions, but this time something struck me as quite amazing.

The real heart of the show is not the life changing amounts of money the undercover millionaire gives the organizations they have found and worked with, but the realization of the receiver that someone really cares and believes in them, in what they are doing. Most of the organizations are run by people who just want to give and help people in their neighbourhoods to have a chance of a better life. To support them.

The unifying thing of each episode is the emotion of the millionaire in relation to their money. It no longer is something just for them but a way to help people in a previously unimaginable way. Money becomes a tool, nothing more. All of the people I have seen giving away thousands of dollars of their own money seem to have such a sense of joy from giving. This I feel is important because it brings all the people involved together with a common goal. To help others. Whether you are a millionaire, someone helping out or the person being helped.

Whether you give your time, possessions or money it doesn’t really matter it is the act of giving that not only helps others but also helps you. It is however also about receiving with thanks. If you are willing to receive you are also more likely to feel like giving. It completes the circle and has a continuous flow that gives power to change.

One very enlightened volunteer who had gone through heartbreaking circumstances in his life said the surviving members of his family keep him going. And I make sure I tell my kids ‘don’t forget to deposit things in life.’

A very powerful idea indeed.

Best wishes



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