Since I’ve been gone

To my children,

Since I’ve been gone you have no need to fear
Life has not ended, but continues beyond the realm you see
I am pure and free and here, for you all
In everything that you feel, in the wind through the trees
The sun on your face as on the day you said goodbye.

Remember that day, the sun streaming through
To fill a church, that sung with full voice
As I filled your lungs with love not remorse.
You remembered a life full of joy and good times
But it is you that must breathe with all that is now.

Since I’ve been gone I see the journey of us all
We are intertwined by each other
We share everything that is, has and will be
Do not try to fix, worry or plead
Things worked out just perfectly

Now is the time to decide and allow
Move with your heart, be strong and sure
For this is your sign that life is with you.
It is all you have, need and require
To be happy and full of song

Do not try to save me or you
It is not necessary, I am at one with you all
Understand or not
Discuss or not
It matters not.

Open the door to the feeling of love
The door of life is not shut tight,
Not by me
Just walk through, feel the sun, hear the music
Say hello

Since I’ve been gone you have said goodbye
Since I’ve been gone you do not see
Since I’ve been gone you have tried hard to move
Stop, look, listen, feel

Since you’ve been gone I have missed you
Since this is the truth, I’ve not been gone
Not far, not long
The journey’s ongoing, take my hand
None of us are gone, trust in that.

Feel, laugh and love
I am there,
All is well, all is here.


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