Giving music to education

A good friend of mine asked a question that made me sit up and listen. Why is there not an ensemble that champions British music here in the UK. Shouldn’t EVERY child in school have the experience of hearing a British ensemble playing world class music that has graced our country over the last few centuries? In my mind this should be given to every child as part of a fundamental understanding of their countries history.

Without thinking too hard I imagine a programme that includes works by Purcell, Britten, Handel, Coates, Goodwin, Arnold, The Beatles, John Barry (you can’t not include Bond in a concert for children!), Elgar, Sullivan, Walton, Holst…………..we may have a few different concerts here?!

Not only would it be informative but it would be great inspiring music that is just fantastic to listen to and perform. Why not make it interactive with an app for part of the concert? Why not allow them to join in with part of it? Why not have it start in the British Museum? I have performed concerts there before. Why not have it sponsored by a world class British company promoting world class music and education? Why is this not happening?

I guess because nobody has tried, wanted too or could fund it. Please let me know if you know differently but in my experience as a school boy until now being a professional musician I haven’t come across such an idea that has been sustainable. Yes there are festivals and occasional concerts in this vein or you may have been to Malvern to hear the ESO but this is not Great Britain standing on a chair singing it’s heart out to the next generation. We need a Last Night of Proms feeling that exposes and inspires people through music.

So to all my musician friends, people who work in education and business or anyone that could help in someway make such a project become a reality please get in touch.

I have an orchestra. I hereby form The Great British Music Ensemble c/o Strand Musicians.

What can you offer and how can we make this happen?
Do you work in education?
Do you work for the BBC?
Do you work in regional theatre or for a theatre group.
Do you know a promoter who would be interested in helping?
Do you work for a British Orchestra that might want to be involved? Do they have recordings we could use?
Can we make a You Tube channel for schools so they can watch music daily?
Can we use cinemas and beam one concert live around the country for people to see such as the Royal Opera House does for it’s performances?

So the aim is for every child in the UK to be exposed to live music in an exciting and inspirational way. A creative launch pad to show children what world class music has been produced by this country and delivered in a live context.

The goal is clear, the journey a creative collaboration that I invite those of you passionate about music to join and make it a reality.

Please get in touch through this blog.


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