The day I realised I had won the lottery

This week I found myself in a space I had not been in for over a decade. My wife was working away for a few days, 2 step children with their dad and my daughter tucked up in bed. I was alone with myself in my house. Robin Williams had sadly just passed away and I had recorded the film Good Will Hunting a day or so before from the TV.

The night was mine. A film, a Chinese Takeaway and a glass of nice Chianti. This could have been me on many nights when I had just finished college and waiting for life to take hold!

I have watched this film before but tonight it just hit all my buttons. 2 scenes especially struck me.

– Robin Williams tells Matt Damon about his wife, all the small things they shared. The things that make a relationship or marriage what it is, unique. Never to be repeated again just a one off aligning of the stars that make you fit. You are home.

– Minnie Driver explains to Matt Damon how she is paying for school from her inheritance from her father. However she would give it all up for just one more moment with him alive.

Both of these characters would give everything away to just spend a moment with their loved ones. Money becomes purely about living the life you want but it can’t buy you time or the most precious knowledge of all that now, the present is priceless.

This is not a new revelation to me but it did hit me emotionally or more accurately it let something flow in me in a way it hadn’t before. The one thing these characters cherished most was their loved ones. An amazing feeling rushed through me as I felt my past, pre-marriage, without children life become the present. I am here – I have everything right here, right now.

It don’t have to talk about how great it was in the past like these characters in the film – I can live, love and laugh with my loved ones now, everyday. Knowing this most amazing of feelings must be better than having all the money in the world. I have the winning ticket in my hands and I win every single day that I allow myself to live life to the full with gratitude, love and the knowledge that the present is truly that.

The greatest winning gift of all.


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