Why shouting in class is good!

One of my favourite games to play with the whole class involves shouting!
It gives everyone a real sense of release and fun but can be the ultimate in self control.

The thing to remember is to make sure the game and the framework is clear to everyone before you start. It has to be better to participate fully with joy rather than abuse the freedom you create.

How to play:

1. Create 4 equal sized groups –

Give each group a number. Separate them with a small space but have them all facing forward towards you.
Just like a choir.

2. You are the conductor –

When you point to a group they should shout their number as loud as they can!
Really they often ask?!!!

3. I start by pointing to each group in turn 1-4 in a regular pulse.

4. Then use your imagination to mix it up

– different order number
– stay on 1 group for a while then move
– conduct a rhythm
– change the shouting to a different sound or dynamic
– have a different sound per group
– change the number of groups
– introduce instruments, body percussion or timbre instead of voices

The options are endless

When everyone is really happy about how the game works hand the conducting over to one of the pupils and off you go again.

The musical elements you can cover is vast but to the children it is fun and freeing in the extreme.

Give it a go and let me know how it works for you.

This weeks clip is another from the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

Keep on touch below and help share you experiences with others.

Best wishes



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