Spoon For Dotty

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This month percussionist Jo May (a friend of mine) is playing the spoons all over the country to raise money for http://www.dorothyhouse.co.uk – a hospice that is providing support for her sister.

I would like to support this great cause and so I am going to donate £1 from every in-app purchase of my app inspirationAL – wake up inspired to the fund.

How it works:

1.  Download the FREE iPhone/iPad alarm clock app NOW and you will receive 14 inspirationAL quotes to wake up to.


2. Make your in-app purchase from ‘want more?’ on the settings page of the app and you will receive unlimited quotes. Please make your purchase anytime between Mon 23rd and Sat 28th Feb and we will give £1 per purchase to Jo’s fund. (We receive £1.34 from the £2.29 purchase price after Apple take their fees)

3. Our daily data will confirm exactly how many downloads and purchases we receive and this will be given to Jo with the money.

So please spread the word and tell as many people as you can to download and lets see if we can help Jo raise as much money as possible for Dorothy House.

Follow Jo here to watch everything she is doing http://www.justgiving.com/spoonfordotty

Many thanks


You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook to see how things are going :




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