MarkHello my name is Mark Taylor. I am a Professional Timpanist/Percussionist with a passion for music and education. I believe it is vitally important to inspire children to be creative and imaginative so learning is fun, exciting and most importantly relevant to them today.

Fuelled by the 98,000 people who have viewed my ‘Rhythmically Speaking’ You Tube clips on The Art of Teaching Channel I post and share things that inspired me in music, education and anything I feel helps me be my most authentic self.

These can include:

-Music Clips
-Insights from my 20 years as a professional musician and educator.

I welcome comments from you all and encourage discussion and sharing of any related material, information or experiences that could help us all learn and develop.


Life and the system –

As part of my interest in helping people fulfill their potential and find their passion in life I have co-created http://www.LittleShedMedia.com
Our iOS app inspirationAL – wake up inspired is an alarm app that delivers an inspiring quote to you every day.
We have a wide range of quotes from the famous to insightful living authors. Each quote has a link to their website or social media so you can find out more about them and explore the wealth of experience and knowledge these people are wanting to share with you.

Search the app store for
inspirationAL – wake up inspired


Thank you for joining me and I look forward to sharing.

Best wishes



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