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Helpful or Ego

Below is a letter I have written but NOT sent to my child’s Head Teacher. It is in response to an email about a question I had regarding the incorrect wording of a letter from the school that contradicted a school policy. It was admitted that the letter was wrong but maybe a quick chat to a member of staff would be better than my original email asking the question. However I feel that the issues are a bit more far reaching and need more serious thought by the school.

I have thought long and hard about what is best for me and the school as you will see below.

I can not decide whether my response is from my ego or self. Is it supportive of me and the school or is my ego calling the shots. I would love to know your thoughts!


Dear Head Teacher

I have thought long and hard about what is best for the school and I keep coming back to the same belief. I am sending this email as positive constructive feedback which I hope will enable you to create the school which we have talked about at length!
I whole heartily support what you are trying to achieve at the school. I believe creativity and inspiration are the key not just to your success but for the future understanding and development of the world in which our children will be living.
I have personally committed 10 afternoons of my time to help re-launch music back into the school as part of what I believe is your vision of what RPS can offer it’s pupils with all the attributes and benefits related to it.
As an example this step sets you on a positive path that I hope supports all other ideas that can enhance the learning in the school. This is all brilliant. As it grows the school can be a truly great place to learn, work and live.
We have talked about community and communication before. It is here that an ‘untrue’ picture of what you are trying to create starts to emerge. Sadly these positive steps forward are not what I hear in the RPS playground. More of a concern is that it is not what I hear at outside clubs when parents from different schools are chatting about their experiences of the different schools.
For me the problem is that it is hard to adjust this picture. Yes I promote that I support the school to these parents. I say I am giving my time for free to help create your vision, show the future is bright and on an upward path.
However the battle is against history and real experiences. You will be aware of the great talking abilities of previous (unnamed) heads! Lots of rhetoric with smoke and mirrors. It didn’t help the progress of school.
So even when I am singing the schools praises and showing a bright future it is hard to combat negativity when based in fact not just ideal gossip and moaning hearsay.
I don’t have answers to these questions when I am asked them but knowing this may help you to help me combat them in future.
– My children say they are bored by all the Maths and English. I know it’s important and often dictated by the government but why does the school – the very people teaching my children – not demonstrate what they are saying is important to my children?
Letters are often sent out with incorrect information or spelling mistakes why? It shows the document has not been given due care and attention or checked through. Does this mean the school doesn’t believe in what it is teaching? Can the staff do the job? It’s seen as just a silly mistake that doesn’t matter? But it does seem to matter to my children when they are in class?
– Does the ethos and values of the school only apply to the children not all those involved in the school? Shouldn’t the school lead by example?
– Maybe they are so stretched and it is not possible to check everything. How is that going to work when the school is double the size as planned for the near future.? If they don’t even have time to read things properly I’m not sure about the safety of my child when the school is a building site.
– I don’t like the amount of time or structure of the homework. It is a real battle at home sometimes. What really gets my goat though is that after going through all that, the homework isn’t marked properly of even correctly. I just don’t care now it’s not worth the effort!
– My child got inspired by something in school and came home and did a whole load of extra work just because they wanted to. They took it into the teacher but they didn’t really pay any attention to it. I felt so sad.
– Why do the school not see the whole picture? Going on a trip before school means there is no club? But I have paid for this club already and there is no mention of it? Do I get my money back? If I do then the club loses their money that doesn’t seem right, can’t these things be organised more in advance? How is this making the school part of a community.
– I’ve asked the same questions to my child’s teacher about something but nothing changes, they don’t get it. I’ve stopped trying. The school is fine much like all the other local schools. Not like x school they are doing x they really know what they are doing it is like a different world!
– I think the new Head Teacher is great and the children really like him. The school could be really good but some of the staff are so stuck in their ways how is it really going to change? Are we going to have to wait for them to leave or retire? My child will be long gone by then.
There are many more but you will see the bigger picture and is not the picture that we have talked about. Yes you can say that you will always have people complaining but if the complaint has any amount of truth or reality in it then it has much more fuel.
As I said I am sending this out of concern. It can feel like every step forward then results in two back. To take a rugby analogy it looks good sometimes but they keep dropping the ball and can’t move over the game line.
I’m sure some of this may be possible to change now, some will take time and some things just need shouting about in a louder voice.
Anything you can do to help me answer these types of questions so I can continue to help support the school would be very helpful.
Kind regards

Dr Wayne W. Dyer

I am writing this on an aeroplane on my way home from holiday which has been filled with a deep sense of understanding and coming of age. It is the eve of the Hay House World Summit and during my break I have been reading the remarkable new book from Dr Wayne W. Dyer – I Can See Clearly Now.

I am only half way through but I knew I had to read it on this holiday. I had made a purposeful trip to buy the book because I wanted to hold and feel it. Not just download it. I felt I needed it to be an experience for all of my senses. It was important to fully feel it and this morning as I sat on my balcony looking out at the mountains on this volcanic island I read this:

“I am connected to you, dear reader-though we may have no physical linkage, there’s an energy flowing between the two of us. Neither of us knows how mind-altering it may be, or how far-reaching its extent. I know this for certain as I see more and more clearly.”

It felt like the world stopped turning and I was heightened in my awareness of my inner-self. 

The words I am reading in this book are like music to my ears. My life up to now has been leading to this point of clarity, inner acceptance and understanding. I identified with the struggle of not being understood in my younger life. I constantly battled against things that seemed to contradict themselves at school and stifle my simple desires. Why would I want to be in a French lesson when my drum teacher would allow me to spend the morning learning about the one thing that made my heart literally skip a beat. Why when at music college and I had the opportunity to tour with the London Philharmonic Orchestra was I officially refused permission to go because I would miss a college wind band rehearsal?! Surely I was being given the opportunity that this conservatoire was training me for? I would never understand the system. I went anyway!

There are many stories like these but the important point is I have always known that my passion is music. When I perform it is as if I am speaking in my true tongue, from my soul. Everything else in day to day life had seemed irrelevant in comparison. I have since learnt the beauty and connection with this joy in all life through my relationship with my wife and the young unashamed vision given to me by my daughter. In her room we have a quote that says ‘Trust me I know what I’m doing’. This reminds me to listen to her innate wisdom. I now see beauty in everything, everywhere. From the roses in my garden to a child being truly heard for the first time by someone who is listening.

I have been at odds with myself between choosing a life as a professional musician and having a deep knowing that the joy I feel when performing not just needs to be shared, but explained somehow. I now see it is sharing this joy and helping others to live their own passion and true life that excites me. I can create my own future and I will combine both of these passions not decide between one or the other. 

I can see that being a musician is very central to who I am and how I connect to my source. I know and have been praised from my earliest performing days at school through to my professional career that when I perform it touches people. I now understand this is because in that space I am truly speaking to the world in my way. This state of awareness produces something in me and the audience that I must continue to fully express and I know it will result in a full time post where I am fully free to be me. My life as freelance musician-being ‘played’ by the music business-is something I now see was important to experience and understand. I never felt comfortable doing what was needed in a non-musical manner to be accepted by others to enhance my career. Playing music is the only thing that is important to me.

But more than that I want to share the joy and passion I have found and find a way to explain it for everyone to feel. This could be anything that lights up their life and exposes their passion, but knowing it is there and being able to explain what it feels like seems so important to me. The great and insightful teachings of Dr Wayne W. Dyer are helping me to see and feel this and I know we are connected and I am excited to know that we will one day meet, I’m sure of it. His voice in his book is like God talking to my heart. Exactly how or when this will take place I don’t know, but my fear of living a ‘normal’ life while knowing joy, is disappearing into a new awakening that is exciting, full and real. I am asking for help from within to follow these feeling through because I understand that it is important to so many people.

So on this flight as I listen to the music I performed as I fell in love, I am sat next to my wife, with my children around me. I am finally going home.

With love