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Want to win in 4 easy steps?

I am using my alarm clock app to fundraise for our village school. If you can help please follow the instructions below and share with all your friends. Thank you.


Roade Primary School Fundraising App.png


Music is the perfect way to be present


You can listen to me talking on Outside The Music Box podcast about my thoughts on being a professional musician, educator and soon to be podcaster myself.


More than just an alarm app?

So here I am. The project I have been working on for over a year now has entered the end of the beginning.

I have co-created Little Shed Media a company to develop mobile apps. Our first app is finished and whizzing its way to Apple so they can approve it and put it onto the App Store. I will let you know how and when you can download it during the next couple of weeks.

It has been an amazing journey from conception to development. We have travelled many paths, not all of them as we had envisaged, but following our intuition and supporting each other as the hurdles came and went, we have created something we are very excited to share with the world.

A simple to use, beautifully designed, global functional app with a heart.


72x iAL Icon

inspirationAL is an alarm clock that delivers you a daily quote. This is not in anyway unique on the App Store but our vision was not to just make another alarm clock or quote app. Our vision started by wanting to help people wake up inspired. This is something that I know works for me. The thoughts and subsequent feelings generated in just a few moments as you wake up can change the way your whole day develops. What a great gift to know.

We decided to use a range of quotes from the famous and classical to modern day insights from published authors and inspirational people who want to share their passions and ideas. The quote therefore is the starting point for a journey.

We wanted to support those using the app by giving them an opportunity to explore further, similar quotes, and the people providing them. We have done this by including links to their websites, blogs and social media. For me it opens a window to many different ways of seeing the world,  you can look through and explore if you wish.

As the app grows we will introduce new quotes and new providers. We will be looking for new people who have something to share with us all. If that is you please let us know by leaving your details on this blog. We also have the ability to create new categories so you will be able to follow a specific interest or area of life that supports you.

I am incredibly lucky that everyday I get to be a musician which is my passion. I knew this from an early age but I didn’t have the understanding or skills to fully see how integral this was to being me.  I hope the providers of our quotes show those of you who would like help and support in ‘being you, now!’ a light to follow on your journey.

Learning and developing is about awareness and exposure for me. It has less and less to do with formal teaching. inspirationAL is exactly that. An alarm clock that is available to everyone, but through quotes and inspiring providers I hope some of those people who use the app discover something more to benefit their lives. A new way of learning and self development in the digital age.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


Best wishes